1. She is the first artist to replace herself at number 1 on the billboard hot 100.
  2. She wrote a song about a child with cancer and donated all of the proceeds to his foundation. She used some of the words from his mom's blog and listed her as a co-writer.
  3. She turns heartbreak into money.
  4. She got Apple Music to pay their artists during the 3 free months they offer to customers.
  5. She gave 50,000 dollars towards her back up dancer's family member's surgery.
  6. She's had 3 albums in a row sell more than 1 million copies in their first week of sales.
  7. No one makes fun of Taylor Swift better than Taylor Swift.
  8. She is one of the world's biggest stars and still gives fans one on one advice.
  9. At the age of 25 she's sold over 40 million and has 130 million singles sales.
  10. She's fucking Taylor Swift.