(A few days old)
  1. Jess, why you so lucky?
    I can never say it enough, but I am extremely blessed/lucky, whatever you want to call it... to be able to surround myself with women who I do not only admire, but who I also get to grow old with. We will get to watch our kids grow, go on vacation together, attend our kids' weddings, and as sad as it may sound we will most likely attend a couple of funerals too (that just made me extremely sad). But anyway, through it all I pray that we remain to have one another.
  2. But back to happy thoughts.
    Uh...well that ^^^ was a buzz kill, (I may or may not be a little tipsy right now). 😐
  3. Life is better because....
    I get to call some of the coolest babes I know my best buds. **Fun fact: we've all known each other since we were teens** But the fact that the universe brought us all together, and has kept us close for so long is the coolest fact of all. We've been together through heartbreaks, quinceñeras, wedding dates, court dates 🤔 lol, the birth of our children, and all of the other significant dates of our lives.
  4. Birthdays and soul-full dinners.
    This li.st was inspired by tonight's bday dinner. While we got to celebrate another year with one of our best friends, it was nice to get together and catch up on our careers, the kids, relationships, and "oh life". It's such a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to ppl who would never judge you and just want the best for you. Sitting there tonight, talking for hours like teenage girls is just what my soul needed today. I can honestly say I left that dinner table with a heart full of joy.
  5. Moral of the li.st is...
    If you have a best friend or many best friends...love them, support them, appreciate them, and always try to keep in touch no matter how busy life gets. I'm so lucky to have mine. #itsthelittlethings #nobaddays 👯👯👯👯👯