Not in any specific order...
  1. Waking up this morning, and have the two 5HTP pills I took before bed take effect. 🙌🏽
    To anyone who wakes up moody (like me)...PLEASE TRY!
  2. Movie night with my son, cousin, niece & nephew. We saw Angry Birds...HILARIOUS.
    My heart is so full when I have all my bbs together.
  3. Getting ready for bed. Feeling so blessed.
    Everyday is a gift.
  4. Speaking of blessed. An old friend had a bday this week (FB told me so). Anyhow, I thought of wishing her a happy bday, but I was too lazy. Later that evening she posted this, and I just wanted to run to her and hug her.
    All. Of. The. Tears. Right?... So lucky to still have my mom, and even more more lucky that my son gets to enjoy her. Good night.