1. 10:05pm - are you almost home
  2. 10:07pm - my tongue just touched the bottom of my food bowl
  3. 10:07pm - like i still have food but i think its gonna run out soon
  4. 10:08pm - i mean its not a big deal but im anticipating being hungry in several hours and its really stressing me out
  5. 10:13pm FYI
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  6. 10:21pm - look idk if ur ignoring me or what but I dont appreciate it
  7. 10:23pm - ur a bitch lol
  8. 10:24pm - i hope ur train derails
  9. 10:36pm - ok i didnt mean that plz come home
  10. 10:40pm - cant type... growing weak
  11. 10:48pm - FUCK YOU