1. Clean My Room
    Maybe I can suck up the mosquito in the vacuum
  2. Organize My DVDs
    Not chronologically or alphabetically, but autobiographically so if I want to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous I have to remember I can't because some asshole borrowed it in 2009 and never gave it back.
  3. Masturbate
    The mosquito might take advantage of my distracted state though :(
  4. Start Writing a YA Novel
    Something with werewolves I guess
  5. See How Many Sit-ups I Can Do
    Lol right
  6. Have a Cat Fashion Show
    The cat will surely object though
  7. Trim the Cat's Nails
    The cat will surely object though
  8. Try To Find Bug Spray
    When will there just be a pill you take that makes you undesirable to mosquitoes?