Recent examples of my "work/life balance." What are yours?
  1. @leahchernikoff asked me if I had read this article and I said, "I read the first half while pooping."
  2. I had one of the greatest weeks of my professional life, and then spent 12 hours cleaning toddler barf
    Hey, at least the kid waited to barf until Friday night. That was generous of her.
  3. Wearing sweatpants to the office
    It was just one time and I looked magnificent
  4. Complaining to @mikewint about how much work I have and him telling me to "sack up"
    Which tbh was pretty good advice
  5. Having my daughter say, "I'm doing paperwork!"
  6. Having a conference call while making babka for a potluck.
    The babka was better than the call, but they both got finished on time!
    Suggested by   @gabimoskowitz