Having it allllll
  1. Take out a cold pork chop that @mikewint made yesterday. Start gnawing on it while standing up in the kitchen.
  2. Give half the pork chop to @mikewint when he catches you eating it.
  3. Steam green beans in a medium sized pot.
  4. Boil water for couscous. Make couscous.
  5. Give 2-year-old pesto pasta made two days ago. Also cold, as she requests it.
  6. Make dressing for the green beans with lemon, olive oil, shallots and a teeny bit of maple syrup.
  7. Dump green beans and dressing in a rubber pot
  8. Put cherry tomatoes for 2-year-old in her zebra bowl. No! Her pink bowl! No, her zebra bowl!
  9. Slop all the food on the table. Bon appetit!