1. I think it was aural skills exam day.
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  2. I graduated the next day. You can't blame me.
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  4. They matched okay
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  5. All around, everyone was lookin real rough in this pic.
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  6. For Tyler, my life's greatest hero.
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  7. I don't know why this happened actually
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  8. What happens at Sound Encounters...it better stay there.
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  9. Here's a rabbit. On my lap. Aye
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  10. Oh fun look at that.
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  11. Not a selfie but hey
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  12. Patrick Freakin Knowles, my other hero.
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  13. High school physics. Party.
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  14. Tequila says I can dance. (Really?)
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  15. Ode to Tyler again
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  16. And again
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  17. I'm just accidentally blackmailing people on this list. #noshame
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