A list of reasons why I adore my NASCAR-loving, cereal eating, goofball of a bae.
  1. He brings me Lattés. Without me even begging him to.
    A boy that knows your coffee order also knows the way to your heart. It's basically science.
  2. He also brings me bagels.
    Especially appreciated when I haven't eaten all day because I had like 4 rehearsals and 3 classes and 2647297382 billion other things to do.
  3. He just brings me food in general. What a gem.
  4. He loves buffalo wings. Boneless, of course. We're meant to be.
  5. He answers my questions when watching football.
    "Why'd that man throw a flag at them? That was rude."
  6. He's sensitive.
    Once upon a time when telling me about when he accidentally hit a bird, he got teary.
    I repeat, SOCCER BODY.
  8. We're both hockey fans.
    GO AVS
  9. He refuses to wear jeans.
    This used to bug me because a well-pantsed man is a dangerous creature. But nobody rocks sweats like my H.
  10. He leaves sweet notes on my car.
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    Real cute after I realized it wasn't a parking ticket.
  11. His friends are my friends now!
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    S/O to Anna, because she's my only follower and I know she's reading this. It's awesome we get along with the same squad.
  12. He looks really cute in hats.
  13. Our MercyMe jam sessions are out of this world.
  14. He drives like a lil Granny.
    I don't think it's safe to sit that close to the steering wheel.
  15. We're really good at mirror selfies.
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