Good Things About Today

June 30, 2016
  1. Someone brought me a piece of pineapple upside down cake
  2. The morning was cloudy and *only* in the 90s
    Refreshingly cool for AZ in the summertime
  3. None of my 8 clients showed up for their appointments
    Confession: I'm a little burnt out
  4. I took 45 minutes to meditate
  5. I quasi-handled some broken stuff around the house
    Okay, it will mostly have to wait for boyfriend's return
  6. I'm gonna get a CD in the mail!
    Yay @nathanveshecco !!
  7. I beat the 11:00 am cutoff time to get a breakfast burrito at Humberto's
  8. Had a deep discussion about historical trauma and unresolved grief with a respected friend
  9. Sent/received some pretty hilarious sarcastic texts
  10. Found some new bands I like on my Drive By Truckers Pandora station
    Is Jason Isbell on Love. Him.
  11. I made a list! 😆
  12. Found yesterday's mugshot of the guy who introduced my bf and I over 13 years ago
    That's not "good" per se, but I just felt like including it
  13. Tomorrow is Friday!
    Refer to earlier referenced burnout.