I live in Phoenix. It's the summertime. 'Nuff said.
  1. Irving Naturals Sunny Mood supplement
    ... Had great Amazon reviews. If it worked, I probably wouldn't have needed to try all of this other shit...
  2. Meditation
    I think it might have made it worse.
  3. Journaling
    Three pages a day of misery a la Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way"
  4. A light box
    Because you can barely be outside for five minutes. Also because it got amazing Amazon reviews.
  5. Krill oil
    Because a book that suggested Omega 3's as a natural cure for depression got amazing Amazon reviews.
  6. Copa di vino
    Excellent invention
  7. Yoga
    From a list of depression-relieving poses I found on li.st
  8. Feeling sorry for myself
    Very time-consuming
  9. Watching a documentary series about child murders
    Why didn't that perk me up?!
  10. Acupuncture with my beloved Dr. Kim
    Actually seemed to help
  11. Hanging out with friends
    But you've still gotta face yourself eventually
  12. Making a li.st!