In no particular order, these are the peeps I've seen out and about in LA (mostly the valley).
  1. Amanda Bynes (during meltdown)
    Spotted walking up and down Ventura Blvd in Studio City.
  2. Channing Tatum
    Made eye contact with him as he was sinking his teeth into a hamburger. Honestly I was looking at the burger, not him.
  3. Shia Labeouf
    Spotted at a Tender Greens having lunch. Didn't notice him at first. Felt eyes on the back of my head and turned around to find him staring into my soul. Not lying. V odd experience. Would not repeat.
  4. Robert Duvall
    Sat at a table behind me at MY local sushi spot in Studio City.
  5. Krysten Ritter
    Girl crushed so hard I almost fell down the glass stairs in the Apple Store at the Grove.
  6. B.J. Novak
    Was in line behind him once at the bakery in Canters. P.S. Hi @bjnovak 👋
  7. Courtney Stodden and her husband/guardian dude from the Green Mile
    I was blessed with their presence at El Coyote. 10/10 would encounter again.
  8. The guy from Lost who looks like he wears eyeliner
    I've seen him twice at my local Ralphs.
  9. Anna Gun (Skyler from Breaking Bad)
    Shopping at Urban Outfitters. Much hip. V cool.
  10. Skyler's sister in Breaking Bad
    Shopping at the same Ralphs I spotted the Lost dude. She's just like us.
  11. Tom Green
    Shopping at the same Ralphs ☝🏼️
  12. Kim and Kyle Richards
    Shopping at a different Ralphs. I shop there a lot.
  13. Yolandi Visser
    Arclight in Hollywood. Did a double take.
  14. Dave Franco and Alison Brie
    Sat behind me in a movie at Arclight once.
  15. Rashida muthafuckin Jones
    Spotted at Arclight (that place is hoppin')
  16. Sarah Hyland
    Was in line behind her at the pharmacy in Walgreens. She kept turning around as if people were watching to see what she was picking up. No one cared.
  17. Michelle Rodriguez
    She sat next to me at a local Mexican restaurant in Burbank. She was on a date and talking very loudly about some weird voodoo sex shit.
  18. Creed Bratton
    Was in line behind him at Urban Outfitters and ended up having an unexpected conversation with him. Nice guy.
  19. Luis Guzman
    Having dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Burbank.
  20. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
    Spotted walking their 👶🏼 in Los Feliz.
  21. Britney Howard (Alabama Shakes)
    Having dinner at the same mex restaurant in Burbank I've referenced.
  23. Bob Odenkirk
    She's basically BFFs with his dog. He's at our dog park almost every Saturday.
  24. Cacee Cobb (otherwise known as Jessica Simpson's BFF on Newlyweds)
    Cacee smiled and pet her once. We both died.