1. Steve Carell: Little Miss Sunshine
    The scene between Carell and Paul Dano at the end of the movie sticks with me. "Do what you love and fuck the rest."
  2. John Krasinski: Away We Go
    The movie that earned Krasinski lock screen status tbh.
  3. Jenna Fischer: The Giant Mechanical Man
    Not a fantasy film about a woman falling in love with a robot. Still good though.
  4. Rainn Wilson: Juno
    Mostly for the animated season changes.
  5. @bjnovak: Saving Mr Banks
    I really connected with Emma Thompson's crying scene in this movie. When in the cinema, I don't like to draw attention to my tears and thus let them fall as they may, often down my neck, pooling at my clavicle. I felt validated by Emma Thompson's neck tears (even though P.L. Travers seems like The Worst™). Oh yeah, and BJ was fun in it too.
  6. @mindy, Phyllis Smith: Inside Out
    Pixar owns my ass.
  7. Ellie Kemper: Bridesmaids
    "You are more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles, and you have a face like sunshine."
  8. Ed Helms: They Came Together
    If you've been in a movie with Amy Poehler, I will choose that movie.
  9. Jake Lacy: Obvious Child
    I didn't need to mention Pete to lend legitimacy to what is clearly a super legit list, but I did because this is a truly excellent film in which Jenny Slate is 💯. Also because he's cute.