I spend money on these things, and it's totally worth it.
  1. My own popcorn at the movies.
    Yes, I know that the large popcorn is more than twice the size of the small popcorn but not twice the price, and that it makes no fiscal sense to buy two small ones instead. But when a popcorn-during-previews chomper (my husband) marries a popcorn-stretcher-outer-'til-the-credits (hi!), there is no choice but to fork over the extra cash. HANDS OFF MY POPCORN.
  2. Haircuts.
    I've got curls, and curls need a very specific kind of love from a very specific kind of hair professional who knows a thing or two about them. I also have an inch-wide, ear-to-ear bald strip across the top of my head from multiple brain surgeries that you will *never see* (unless you ask to see it;scars are cool) because I pay someone super good at her job to make my head look awesome.
  3. Milk that tastes delicious.
    Straus organic whole milk, cream-top milk in the glass bottle. So good that sometimes, while consuming said milk, I internet stalk it, read this for the hundredth time - http://bit.ly/1OmyfuT - and find myself nodding solemnly at phrases like "the true flavor of our cows' diet."
  4. Yogurt by those same milk people.
    Straus whole milk plain or Greek. It's sour! (That exclamation point signifies awesomeness, to be clear.) Reminds me of yogurt in Berlin, which I didn't even know was a thing I could be reminded of on this side of the ocean. Had my first taste of this yogurt shortly after moving from Cambridge, MA to San Francisco a few months ago, and thought, "Okay, I'll stay."
  5. Eggs that taste delicious.
    Hmm, I'm noticing a trend... I will gladly pay a few extra dollars for those high contrast yolks that taste like a treat.
  6. Beans.
    Okay, here is where I'm afraid I may lose you, but I totally spend money on fancy beans. I get mine from Rancho Gordo, simmer them in a pot of water with a bit of that magic Better Than Bouillon stuff and call it dinner. I'm convinced that my bean habit actually *saves* money, since I almost always make beans when I'm feeling like there's nothing in the house and am contemplating going out or ordering in. Thanks for picking up the check, Midnight Black Beans! (One of my favorite.)
  7. Sunblock.
    I wear sunblock on my face every day of my life. I don't have many beauty rituals - I rarely wear makeup and don't blow dry my hair - so I like for this one thing to feel great on my skin, even luxurious. My dermatologist introduced me to Skinceuticals physical fusion UV defense spf 50, and though it's thirty-something dollars for less than 2 ounces, it's worth it to me. (That little tube lasts for several months, so it's actually not as pricey as it sounds.)
  8. Clothes that fit -- really, really well.
    And make me feel like a million bucks. If a piece of clothing meets these two criteria, I will usually buy it, even if the price is steep. I will then wear the item like crazy, until its amortized cost is mere pennies. (Side note: I don't like to shop and I don't have many clothes. Just one small 4-drawer dresser and 3 feet of hanging space. I think I may spend *less* money on clothing this way than if I bought more clothes that were close but not quiiiiite right.)