All The Pop-Punk Feels

  1. Blink-182 put out a song today
  2. and even though it sounds more like a +44 song, I'm still HELLA into it!!
  3. they also announced a tour which is amazing cause I've been wanting to see them for years
  4. they announce that All Time Low, ADTR, and All-American Rejects are joining them
    at this point I'm freaking OUT cause my 15 year old self is SO stoked!!!
  5. I check the tour dates and see that there's one for MN
  6. but then find out that it falls on the day where I have a NIGHT class
    darn you, school; for making my major only offer classes during the night or weekends
  7. so now I'm debating on saying, "who cares?" and going anyways, or being a good student and staying in class.