Chance The Rapper dropped a new mixtape and it's ALL I've been listening to lately! check it:
  1. D.R.A.M. Sings Special
    I love EVERY single song on this mixtape so it was hard to choose which is my least favorite. I put this one is last place cause no Chance
  2. Mixtape
    Chance's verse and the hook is amazing, but I can't stand the last verse. Something about the voice just bugs me
  3. How Great
    This is when the ranking starts getting really hard because like I said I LOVE EVERY SONG!
  4. Summer Friends
    Love this song, but definitely love the upbeat songs more
  5. No Problem
    Why am I doing this? it's so hard!! Tbh, I didn't think I was gonna like this song cause I'm not a fan of 2 chainz or lil Wayne, but, 2 chainz did so good on this song, it's so different then what he usually does.
  6. All Night
    I can see this song being used in a montage of partying for a movie, I love it
  7. Juke Jam
    I died when I heard Justin tbh 😍😍😍
  8. Smoke Break
    again, not a huge fan of future BUT THIS SONG GOES OFF!!! I love it so much especially when I'm driving home late at night. it's such a good song to vibe to
  9. Finish Line/Drown
    full of so many GOOD VIBES
  10. All We Got
  11. Blessings (pt 1)
    looooove this song so much! the lyrics are 10/10
  12. Blessings (pt 2)
    KANYE'S BEST PRODIGY - HE AINT SIGNED ME BUT HE PROUD OF ME. this song is so real, and the way that it ends is just 😍😭😍😭😍
  13. Angels
    this song has been out for a while but it still gets me SO HYPE!!! I pray no one ever sees how hard I jam out to this song while I'm driving, lmao
  14. Same Drugs
    this was one of those songs that just hit me when I first listened to it. I felt so many emotions while listening to this for the first time & I still do. it's one of those songs that's just so special 💖