Songs I've Been Listening to This Month (April Edition)

I'm trying to make this list be a monthly thing, since I love music & making playlist! feel free to follow my spring playlist on Spotify! 🤗
  1. One Dance - Drake
    Drake's one of my favorite artist of all time, so I was so happy when he released two new singles earlier this month. This one is SUCH a bop, I love it!
  2. OMG - Shortstraw
    Bless Spotify discover for bringing this song into my life. It has such a spring/summer feel to it.
  3. fOoL fOr YoU - ZAYN
  4. Famous - Kanye West
  5. Daisy - Zedd
    I'm not much of an EDM fan, but this one has just the right amount to make me be in love with it.
  6. Change Your Mind - The Summer Set
    One of my favorite band put out their new album Stories For Monday on April 1st & it's everything I could've hoped for and so much more. Hard to pick favorites but this is top 3 for sure!
  7. Close - Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo
  8. Back 2 U - Joey Gatto
    Joey Gatto is actually a youtuber and I thought I wasn't gonna be a fan of his music cause he usually does joke raps/songs, but I am IN LOVE with this!
  9. Need To Know - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Chance the Rapper
    I'm a sucker for anything that has chance
  10. Pop Style - Drake ft The Throne