Inspired by @lame. I just really love this idea & find myself being reminded of certain people due to specific things.
  1. The "first love"
    big scary. scott pilgrim vs the world. black & white flannels. tire swings. the perks of being a wallflower. tech decks.
  2. The "what if"
    stripes. the head & the heart. the lumineers. basically any indie-folk band. crutches. Fifa '13. one foot by fun. sunflowers. DRAKE.
  3. The "daydream"
    pugs. guitars. john mayer. six foot by lil wayne. Alex turner. leather jackets. red wing boots. caroline smith. longboards.
  4. The "soupsnake"
    art. night skies. hippo campus. the oh sees. the color blue. rats. bob's burgers.