#17booklove - Love of Reading Photo Challenge

(Bookish self-promotion alert) I thought we could all use more love to counteract the news these days, so let's talk about the books we love! A few people are participating on insta, but a TON of my fellow Litsians have joined in. I was thinking I might do #17booklove here just for funsies too.
  1. I'm jess.how on IG and Litsy, come find me!
  2. Day 1 - author I love
    Georgette Heyer!! She's written mysteries, historical fiction, regency romances, and nonfiction. Her regencies are the best - like Jane Austen, but funnier. I love her so much I own two copies of almost all of her 60-odd titles; old crappy ones I bought in England years ago, and the pretty reprints they've started issuing in the last few years. ❤❤❤
  3. Day 2 - picture book love
    These are some of our favorite Valentine picture books! As the mom of 2 frilly girls, I love finding books with kind + smart girls in them - Gerry the Very Fairy Princess and Fancy Nancy both fit the bill. Biscuit and the Ballad of Valentine are cute, and Valentine Bears is ADORABLE. Illustrated by Jan Brett, about 2 bears who wake up from hibernation early to celebrate. My girls love to be grossed out by the choc covered ants. #17booklove
  4. Day 3 - Red books
  5. Day 4 - LOVE in the title.
  6. Day 5 - fiction love
    My 5 star reads of 2016 and 2017.
  7. Day 6 - love to hate
    Cornac McCarthy. Meh.
  8. Day 7 - love to reread.
  9. Day 8 - book + meal you love
    Well, this isn't a meal precisely, although I've definitely eaten it for breakfast before. 😉 But the lemon yogurt cake from Molly Wizenberg's A HOMEMADE LIFE is *divine*. It's my go-to cake to take to parties. 😋😋😋
  10. Day 9 - memoir love!
    Trevor Noah's is the best, hands-down. All the rest are good, except I was kinda underwhelmed by Schumer and Barrymore.
  11. Day 10 - animal love!
  12. Day 11 - set in a beloved location. London! 😍
  13. Day 12 - love to listen!
    The audiobooks I've listened to in the last 2 months!
  14. Day 13 - mysterious love
  15. Day 14 - readers I love
  16. Day 15 - nonfiction love
  17. Day 16 - pink books