Having a very chatty 2yo is pretty entertaining.
  1. I want soda.
    Me: You're not big enough for soda. Her: Eleanor (her 5yo sister) drinked soda! Me: Well, she did have some the other day. But she's a lot bigger than you. Her: Yeah, Eleanor use the big scissors. She's big.
  2. My nose is dropping!!
    Help mommy! Tissue, tissue! My nose is dropping!
  3. 1234 .... 6 .... 14
    (Long pause) I 'hink I missed one.
  4. Me: Whoa you made a mess with that yogurt.
    Juliet, nonchalant, Yeah, I make messes mom. I very messy baby.
  5. Looking with concern at a small mark on her hand.
    Oh no! I have an owie. A wittle owie. (Pause) (Licking her hand) It's not owie! It's raspberry! It's raspberry, not owie!