I'm big genealogy nerd, so I decided to decorate our living room with a family tree. I put up the tree decal almost a year ago, but have been procrastinating on putting pics, since I have so many from my side, and none from my husband's. But today I decided to embrace the imperfection!!
  1. Here's the tree!
    I need to get up to Tempe to buy more frames at IKEA to fill it in more. But I super love how great it looks even with just a couple frames for starters! 💖
  2. And now, let me introduce you to my ancestors.
  3. This is Paul and Sara Dale. They're my paternal grandpa's grandparents. Great-Great Grandma Dale was born in 1892, and lived till 1985, when I was 3. So we have 5 generation pictures from her down to me.
  4. Next is a 4 generation pic, with my grandpa Jim, the chubby baby, then his dad, Daniel Jr., his grandpa, Daniel Sr., and his great grandma Margaret.
    Margaret Loomis lived from 1853 to 1944. She's 83 in this picture. I especially love this 4 generation pic, because of the one to follow. And sidenote: my great-grandpa, Daniel Jr., passed away 18 months ago, at the age of 99!
  5. This one isn't on the tree, but this is a 4 generation pic where my grandpa Jim is the old one! Then my dad, me, and my girls.
    So from Margaret born in 1853, to Juliet born in 2013. Crazy to think how many lives my grandpa's life has touched!
  6. Ok, back to the tree. The cute little girl at lower left is my dad's mom.
    I realize I've been exceptionally blessed to be in my 30s, and still have 3 of my grandparents living. So this picture is a little bittersweet, because my grandma Edith passed away in 2012. Her older sisters June and Edna and her younger brother Jimmy are all still alive though!
  7. Now my mom's side! Introducing my great-grandma Rachel, who lived from 1909-2004, as a chubby baby in her mother's lap. Her parents were really into photography, so we have TONS of pics of their family, which is so awesome.
    She's the great-grandparent I was closest to. We always baked cookies together and played endless rounds of Rummikub.
  8. Here's Great-Grandma Rachel again, around 40 years later. The cute little boy next to her is my grandpa Ed.
  9. Ed grew up to marry Shirley. They've been married for almost 59 years now.
    My girls LOVE going to GG and GP's house. We get over there at least a couple times a month, and grandma inevitably feeds us all to bursting point.
  10. Grandma Shirley's family is funny to trace: her dad was a first generation Hungarian emigrant, and since I don't speak Hungarian, tracing records has been really hard. But her mom's family came over on the Lion, in 1632.
    Shirley's mom, Mildred, was one of 6 kids. (Her siblings were Clyde, Clifton, Orley, Margaret, and Gaylord.) They're pictured here with their parents, in around 1945 I'd guess, since they're all adults. Mildred is second from the left.
  11. Stay tuned! After I get more frames, I'll introduce you to more relatives. 😊