This morning, getting ready for day camp.
  1. "I can't find the sunscreen that smells good!"
  2. "I am NOT left handed. I can only do sunscreen on one arm."
  3. "I really need some high heels. Can you buy me high heels that are sparkly and 7/8 pink and 1/8 red?"
    She's obsessed with fractions. The other day, from the backseat, "Hey mom, did you know 1/6 of 3 equals 1/2 of 1?" Um, yes, yes I did. I swear.
  4. "What do you mean I'm too young for high heels?? Didn't you see that Aaliyah wore them at kindergarten promotion, and she is only TWO months older than I."
    (She legitimately said "than I". Such formal grammar this morning. 😂)
  5. "My hair won't stay in a smooth ponytail! It keeps fluffing out."
  6. "I put extra sunscreen on my forehead so my thoughts won't get burned. I want to keep all of my thoughts."
  7. "I'm ready! Can you take my picture?"