1. My husband proposed to me 10 years ago today.
    I told him I'm going to go for the most epic joke EVER, and in another 10 years I'll yell, "April Fool's!" 😉
  2. My 5 year old played a prank on him, by freezing a bowl of Cheerios and milk (without our knowledge).
    She came bouncing into our bed at 6:30am. "I have an April Fool's joke for you!!! I got up at 3:16 in the morning and made the joke and then I went back to bed. Come see, come see!" (Yes, I do find it slightly disturbing that neither of us heard her.)
  3. The girls and I made "grilled cheese" sandwiches.
    It's actually pound cake and icing. But it turned out pretty awesome, no?
  4. And tonight we're going to dinner at a friends' house, and she's making "cupcakes".
    Meatloaf bottoms and mashed potato "frosting". I'm so excited!!
  5. Ok, one more "grilled cheese" pic. Because I'm so happy it worked out so well.