She's 3. I lie next to her listening to her stream of consciousness most nights as she's falling asleep. Decided to list tonight's best stuff.
  1. Juliet, "Mom? A little help here. I'm lazy."
    (Her blanket got twisted.)
  2. "I just really don't like people who aren't my friends."
    Pretty sure we all feel this way. She's just more honest.
  3. "Mom? Why did God give me blonde hair? Why can't I have brown hair like everyone else in dis family??"
    I looooove her hair! 😢 But I assured her mine was the same blonde as a kid, and hers will darken too.
  4. "I wish I was a creature. I would be a nice creature. I wouldn't bite people." (Whispers dramatically) "I would just bite de Night monsters. De scary ones. So if I was a creature I would bite all de night monsters to keep de people safe."
  5. "Popcorn doesn't have hair!! It's yellow white. Like our teef. But it doesn't have hair."
    Mmmmkay. I think sleep is close.
  6. Static
    Tiny snores. 😍😍😍