I've gotta read & review 4 of them. Which 4 would you pick?
  1. •
    Ping Pong Heart
    A mystery set in Korea in 1974.
  2. •
    The Space Between Sisters
    A sisterly saga. The cover kinda freaks me out though... It's like a 4-legged monster!
  3. •
    The Girl From the Savoy
    Historical fiction set in London during the roaring 20s.
  4. •
    Written Off
    A mystery about a mystery writer.
  5. •
    Conrad & Eleanor
    I'm always prone to like books with Eleanor in the title!
  6. •
    Death on the Sapphire
    A suffragette mystery that looks fun.
  7. •
    Heart of Stone
    A mystery set in the Adirondacks.
  8. •
    Rosalia's Bittersweet Pastry Shop
    Delicious looking fiction, set in Italy.
  9. •
    Murder on the Quai
    A flashback in the Aimée Leduc series - back before she was a private investigator.
  10. •
    Marked for Life
    A creepy sounding Nordic mystery.
  11. •
    Forever Beach
    A perfect looking beach read!
  12. •
    The Devil's Cold Dish
    A mystery set in 1790s Maine.
  13. •
    The Girl Who Came Back
    A woman is convinced she knows who murdered her daughter.
  14. •
    Liar Liar
    Another creepy mystery.