1. A boxed set of Never Girls.
    She literally screamed, "YESSS!!! These were on my Christmas list!!" when she opened her gift from my brother.
  2. An origami book.
    I've made about 9 frogs for her already. She can't quite do the leg folds.
  3. A boxed set of Nancy Drew and the Clue Crews.
    She sat and read the first one in its entirety while the rest of the cousins watched Frosty.
  4. A lettering book from Klutz.
    I kinda want to steal this one.
  5. A Doodle a Day book.
    She's such a cute little literalist. She spent Christmas morning paging through all 366 pages, looking at them all. But she refuses to do the first doodle till Jan 1st.
  6. An illustrated two volume set of The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
    She is supremely uninterested.
  7. Two Fairy Pony books.
    She's already finished both of them. This, this is why I bought the Narnia. I need her to take the leap to the next level of books! All these cute little ones she finishes in like 20 minutes.
  8. An Adventure Bible.
    It's still a little hard for her... But she's read the Storybook Bible through about 5 times, so it's time for an upgrade.
  9. Illustrated Stories from Around the World
    I love these pretty compilations. We already have the fairy tale one, which leans heavily to Grimm, so I got this one, which has a little more diversity, to add to our collection.