In the last 48 hours my brain has been living in England!
  1. First was Georgette Heyer's "Devil's Cub", an old favorite.
    Set partly in England and partly in France, it's Regency romance at its finest. No ripping bodices here, just witty repartée and misplaced nobility leading to hilarious scrapes.
  2. Then "The Girls" by Lisa Jewell.
    Basically the opposite of Devil's Cub: the story of a mix of working class and middle class teenagers in modern London, and the terrible chain of events set in motion one summer.
  3. And finally I just finished, "Another One Goes Tonight" by Peter Lovesey
    The latest entry in an excellent mystery series set in Bath. In this one Superintendent Peter Diamond performs CPR and saves a life, only to discover he's just rescued a possible serial killer.