Christmas Eve

'Twas the night before Christmas
  1. and all through the house, presents were lavishly bow-clad
  2. Styrofoam "sombreros" were to be had
  3. And toothy grins made us glad.
  4. I in my black was woefully unprepared for the sudden 38 degree rainstorm (um it was 65 this morning).
  5. When what to my wondering ears appeared, but the sound of my precocious child amusing the whole church.
  6. But now the children are safe in their beds.
  7. While Papa and I are watching Die Hard.
    Sniffle. Alan Rickman. 😢
  8. And visions of truffles dance in my head.
    Time to stop listing and go find a snack.
  9. Happy Christmas Eve!