Eleanor had a brilliant idea to sell cookies to raise money for World Vision. We specifically picked to donate to their girls' education fund, since she is very sad that not all 6 year old girls get to go to school.
  1. I posted on FB, inviting people to order cookies.
  2. Things quickly got out of hand.
  3. In spite of my "cap" I'm a sucker for people wanting to support my kid.
  4. We got up to 87 dozen all together.
  5. And so, I have spent the last 3 days mixing dough and baking cookies like a crazy person.
  6. Only about 25 dozen to go! Plus like nine million dishes.
  7. And, delivering all of them.
  8. Next year TALK ME DOWN.
  9. Or help Eleanor think of a fundraiser that she can accomplish all by herself. 😝
    She actually is fairly helpful in the kitchen. But (a) she's 6, so she can't put things in the oven, etc. And (b) she had school Thursday and Friday.
  10. My feet hurt so much. But, we raised enough money to send 10 girls to school!! 🎉🎉🎉