Eleanor is 6.5. She has perfected circular breathing, so she can continue endless run-on sentences without a pause.
  1. "When I grow up I'm going to be an astronaut and go to other galaxies and see if there are other forms of life on other planets and if there are other aliens then they'll think *I* am an an alien and they'll run away screaming from me because they'll think I'm invading them. Mwahahahahahaha."
  2. "When we did the reindeer games at school today we did them with the middle schoolers and they called us adorable. Can you believe that? ADORABLE. I mean, to me adorable is an in-SULT. First graders are not adorable."
    (Emphasis on the wrong syllable of insult, which is pretty adorable.) 😉
  3. "I am an illustrator and author-in-training. When I am a real author someday I will always give autographs to the kids who want them because maybe someday THEY will grow up to be authors or illustrators and then THEY will want to give autographs."
  4. "Sometimes I just hate being stuck in reality. I really wish I could live in a fictional world and have magical powers and do whatever I want to all the time!"
  5. My new year's resolution is to take over the world! Somehow.... hmmm.... I guess maybe I should start building robots first, so I can send them in to invade all the cities and countries and states and stuff, and then I'll need like a really big microphone so I can tell people all the new rules.
    Overheard from the backseat. Somehow I feel like Eleanor and Trump might have more in common than I thought.
  6. Me: we better get you some antihistamine for all those sneezes! I think you played with the neighbor's cat too long.
    E: I am NOT allergic to cats. The only thing I'm allergic to are samurais.
  7. "I'm a dessertatarian."