I hate turkey. So it's all about the side dishes for me!
  1. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top
    This picture is straight out of my childhood. This was hands-down my favorite side dish, by far. 😋
  2. Corn (preferably caramelized, with mint)
    As a kid I just liked corn with butter. But these days I'm a BIG fan of The Wednesday Chef's version. http://www.thewednesdaychef.com/the_wednesday_chef/2009/11/kjh.html
  3. Rolls
    Wheat, white, Hawaiian, crusty, soft. I'm not picky. I'll eat 'em all.
  4. Pumpkin pie
    I actually don't love the pumpkin too much. It's just an excuse to eat a lot of whipped cream. Actually, I usually do cool whip (shades of my 80s childhood), and the layer of cool whip is always at least 2x as high as the pumpkin layer.