My 2.5 year old has been up a LOT in the night lately. I'm tired. And feeling annoyed with her. So I deliberately looked on the bright side today.
  1. When she's using the gerund form of verbs, she always adds an extra "ing". "I'm walkinin!" "We're goinin?"
  2. I can tell when she's feeling nervous or scared, because she calls me Mama Bear instead of Mama.
  3. She was super super clingy today, and insisted that I wear her in the Ergo to walk to the bus stop to pick up big sis. Haha. I can barely see over her head, she's so hilariously big!
  4. At the Y she always holds the door open for elderly people. 💖 She started doing it all by herself. "Somebody's cominin Mama! I hold the door." And yes, old people gush over her every time. 😊
  5. I was making Wednesday Chef's browned butter & mint corn for dinner, and she was apparently too hungry to wait. She climbed up on the counter and started eating frozen corn kernels by the spoonful.
  6. She always wants to "find her own burp" after nursing now, and will sit and pat her own chest with this adorable concentrating face.
  7. She fell asleep reading a book about the US presidents. 📖❤️
  8. Here's hoping she STAYS asleep. 😉