I deleted FB off my phone.

I logged in this morning, and a couple people made reference to "funny things" Trump said, or how he did "pretty well" in the debate.
  2. This tweet VERY accurately sums up how I feel.
  3. As does this one.
  4. But then even people retweeting anti-Trump stuff was making me feel tired, because they're just preaching to the choir right? They're not going to change any alt-right a**hole's mind.
  5. So I deleted twitter too.
  6. And now I will revel in re-watching West Wing and Litsy and Li.st App.
  7. And books, always books.
  8. I leave you with this quote from A WIND IN THE DOOR, which I'm currently re-reading. Madeleine L'Engle is downright prophetic.