"I wrote my first 10 chapter story!"

By Eleanor, age 6.
  1. Although they live in a land made of candy, the adventures are sadly unsugary,
  2. Clearly changing to adventure clothes was necessary. Who can adventure in high heels and a mini skirt?
  3. I enjoy that (a) Mom is always off-page, and (b) she only says "Ok honey".
  4. We are clearly in an elliptical phase.
  5. So apparently this pic shows the "you blinked, gotta buy me a Coke" part of the jinx joke. And then he hands her a fish instead of a Coke. (Giggle giggle giggle)
  6. Ok honey!
  7. Sara and Jason eyed each other.... the bad guy arrived! (Yes, I take quite a bit of glee in the fact that the bad guy is dad, not mom, since usually I'm the "mean one".)
  8. So do you think the 5 year old got the 5 min time out and the 7 year old got the 7 min? Or vice versa?
  9. Not that my children *ever* eat at the little table in front of the tv. That is clearly solely a fictional device.
  10. Jason doesn't *need* a railing on his bed. He just likes it, so it looks more like a race car.
  11. The end. :)