Judging Books By Their Covers

I get mailed a lot of advance copies for review (so all of these come out in August). One of my favorite things to do is judge them purely on cover/title at first, and sort into "review" and "won't review" piles. Then I read the backs/look up the authors and see if my first impressions were right.
  1. Santorini Sunsets
    Looks a little cheesy. But probably a fast read! And it's been a while since I've read anything set in Greece. But is she stretching...? Or doing yoga...?
  2. The Language of Sisters
    Oh that is cute! And since I'm one of 3 sisters (well, and 2 brothers), I'm probably going to have to read this.
  3. Brussels Noir
    Brussels is one of my favorite cities! And short stories are perfect for reading before bed. This will have to happen.
  4. A Great Reckoning
    You know you're famous when... your publisher doesn't even bother with covers on your ARCs. But Louise Penny is always a yes.
  5. (Forgive the next few sideways pics. My phone has legit lost its mind, and I'm tired of arguing with it.)
  6. The Striver's Row Spy
    The flappery cover matches the title font so nicely. This one goes in the maybe pile.
  7. Swear on This Life
    Hmm. I have no idea what this is about, and I don't recognize the author. But, the cover is pretty great. So maybe!
  8. The Widower's Wife
    UGH. No. It was only a matter of time, given the annoyingly prevalent and possessive "The _____________'s Wife" trend, but still. UGH.
  9. These Honored Dead
    Looks like a Holmes/Watson rip off. Slim chance of a read, although the cover is pretty great.
  10. Damage Control
    Poisoned Pen, your covers are so boring and non informative. But I usually like your books. So this is going at the top of the maybe pile... Or maybe the bottom of the yes pile.
  11. The Paris Librarian
    Pretty cover + Paris = yes read
  12. Love Her Madly
    Cinderella story? Runaway bride? Suicide on the beach? I'm intrigued.
  13. When the Music's Over
    Just kidding Poisoned Pen Press. This one wins for most boring cover. And, if isn't even actually bound. It just has those annoying black clips where the pages tend to fall out. Sorry Peter Robinson, no go.