1. Juliet: I didn't wear my hair in pink tails. 🔸 Eleanor: They're called PIG tails, not pink tails. 🔸 Juliet: I say pink tails. 🔸 Eleanor: What-EVER. 🙄
  2. Mom, when my eyes are closed, I can't see my eyes! It's because I don't have 3 eyes. Only monsters have 3 eyes.
  3. Juliet: Mom can I tell you a question? 🔸 E: you mean ASK her a question. 🔸 Me: Sure, what's your question? 🔸 Juliet: Hamburger mud!! Hahaha!!! 🔸 Me: Uh, haha. You're so funny, Juliet. 🔸 E: That is not a question. It's a statement. And it's not funny.
  4. Standing on the scale, "Mom? Is dis a foot temperasitter?" (Temperature) 🔸 "No, it shows how much you weigh. See, the red part goes farther when I stand on it, because I'm heavier." 🔸 "Whoa, look mom! I'm almost 40-ZERO points!!"
  5. Dat boy is just angry because de other boys are frowing away dere shots. I'm not frowing away my shot! Dat will make him happy!
    The Hamilton indoctrination is working!!