6 adults. 3 toddlers. Lots of pizza and guacamole.
  1. Pizza.... Mmmmm pizza.
  2. Is that ping pong table higher than normal??
  3. My Olympic breadstick rings came out so cute!!
    Except, a little inedible. Unless you like having blue or red teeth...
  4. This is boring.
    (Women's soccer.)
  5. No, you can't have a third glass of juice.
  6. Which is faster? A cheetah, an ostrich, or Usain Bolt?
    We took a trivia quiz during the women's soccer game. The answer (duh) was cheetah! Although some people didn't believe me. ;)
  7. Oh Bob Costas.
  8. Holy crap. How do they do that??
    (Men's gymnastics.)
  9. Why is the marathon 26 miles and 385 yards long?
    Because Queen Alexandra of England decreed it in 1908!
  10. I'M TRYING TO WATCH THE OLYMPICS. Sure, have another glass of juice.