Live listing the K-2 spelling bee

  1. How
    "H-A-W." (ding) (Kid bursts into tears) audience: "awwww".
  2. Spy
    "S-i ——" world's longest silence. "Spy?" (Ding)
  3. What
    "W-h-a-t. What!" (Audible "phew")
  4. With
    "W-I——-t-h." (Victory arms)
  5. Them
    "T-h-e-m" (runs to seat) "Great, but can you please repeat the word after you spell it? (Runs back up) "Them!"
  6. Introducing 1st grade contestants. "I'm Eleanor!"
  7. Think
    "T-h-i-k." "N-k." (Ding)
  8. Between
    "B-e-e-t-w-e-e-n." (Ding)
  9. And our champion!!
  10. She won with I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T and S-O-A-P as her last two words. Yay for my little champion!