I only got 4 hours of sleep, thanks to my toddler, who is resisting weaning. Feeling gloomy and tired, so making a list of the good things about today.
  1. It's December 1st! The month of my birthday and Christmas has finally arrived!! 🎉🎄
  2. I got to go see Mockingjay 2 with friends last night.
  3. It's now socially acceptable to be listening to Christmas music 24/7 (like I have been...).
  4. Broadchurch season 2 came in at the library for me!
  5. As did The Girl on the Train! 📚
  6. I'm eating Chex Mix for breakfast!
  7. I'm thinking when I go pick up my library holds I will treat myself to some sort of fast food. Five Guys? 😋
  8. I have a warm and cozy house.
  9. My kindergartener loves school.
  10. My awesome husband drops her off at school almost every morning.
  11. So yes, it's almost 9am, and I'm still in my pjs.
  12. The Christmas decorations are up! 🎄
  13. My 2 year old *is* really cute, when she's not screaming.
  14. Basically, the biggest problem in my life is being tired.
  15. Amazing how a little perspective helps. 😊