(This is my attempt to lure @mhawkeyem back into posting lists again...)
  1. We've had dinner together nearly every week for 9 years.
  2. Usually involving a lot of bread. And cheese.
  3. It's been a lovely era.
    But it ended tonight! Meghan is moving across the country tomorrow.
  4. I mean clearly we will still text each other 915 times a day. But, without the weekly hangout, the dynamic will definitely change.
    And my kids are gonna miss her a lot. Which is sweet and sad all at once.
  5. Juliet May loves her "May May".
  6. As does Eleanor. 🙂
  7. And it's super sweet how much Meghan puts up with their crazy affection. Like CRAZY. 😂😂
  8. We got to take one last desert walk tonight. 💜
  9. And now! We need Meg to list her road trip across the country.
  10. Riiiight???
  11. Static
    Especially since this life size Sherlock is traveling with her. 😂
  12. Seriously guys, everyone send her requests for #megandsherl lists!