My 2017 NY Resolutions

  1. 12,000 steps a day.
    This will be easy for the next 4 months while the weather's nice. Once we hit the 100s, it'll be harder. But hopefully my other goals will be habits by May, and I can focus on steps by then.
  2. 7 min a day of focused one-on-one with Eleanor
    Her school day is pretty long, and we only have about 4 hours between pick-up and bed-time... and those get full with piano lessons and gymnastics and friends and things. I get lots of one-on-one w/Ju while E is at school, and w/hubby post-bedtime, but E has definitely had more attitude lately, and I hope quality time now will help our relationship in the upcoming tween/teen years. Hoping for game-playing and book-reading and such.
  3. 7 min a day of non-step exercise
    For the first time in years I'm not setting a weight loss goal... but I'm hoping that exercise goals will help with weight loss. I'm thinking things like: light weights, ab work, yoga, etc. We got a gym membership last Jan for the first time ever, and I definitely got stronger over the year. I want to keep that up!
  4. 7 min a day for spiritual growth
    I'm thinking prayer journaling, or Bible reading. Or hey, maybe sometimes I can combine this one with exercise and do some mindful yoga! It's just good for my mental health to get more in the habit.
  5. Not committing to any new ongoing (non-paying) things.
    I do a lot of stuff at church, and some with Tucson Refugee Ministry, and then the kid's school, and and and and. I get excited about things and I want to be helpful, but I also really want to ramp up my freelance writing, and I will never have time for that if I keep saying yes to so many volunteer things.
  6. Basically, I'm wanting to be stronger, a little thinner, less-burned out, and less irritated with my kids in 2017! Hopefully these small steps will help.
    I'm purposefully making tiny, specific goals this year, in the hopes of actually achieving them!
  7. Guys, I'm doing SO WELL!!! I also added daily flossing and 3 hours of phone-free time every day. (Ahem, quite possibly why I haven't been very present around here!) But it's been good for me. Healthier gums and a healthier mind (as I stay present in my real life and stay out of the awful headlines).
    I have pretty much quit FB and twitter again in the wake of the inauguration. Gah.