All on her own, my kindergartener decided to sell artwork to raise money to buy ducks for kids (out of the World Vision catalog). She asked me to post on FB, telling people that if they donate, she'd draw whatever they wanted. I'm seriously SO proud and choked up about the whole thing. She has such a big heart. ❤️
  1. My aunt commissioned a Christmas-themed picture.
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  2. Someone else wanted a musical theme.
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  3. Elsa was requested too.
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  4. And Miss Jane Marple (the chihuahua of our friends).
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  5. A snowman at sunset.
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  6. 3 dogs on a grassy hill.
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  7. The World Vision kids with their ducks.
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  8. A dog named Francis. (This is my favorite, because she snuck herself into this one! Such a tricky artistic self-portrait move.)
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