My apparent ethnicity

I have been obsessed with genealogy for 15 years or so.
  1. Last month I ordered a DNA kit.
  2. Before the results came back, I made my own predictions, based on where my third-great-grandparents were born.
    That's five generations back from me, and the last generation I have totally mapped out. So these people were all born 1830-1850.
  3. Here was my prediction: 57.3% English, 24% German, 12.5% Hungarian, 6.2% Irish.
  4. And (drumroll please) here is the result of the DNA test...
  5. Um whaaaat???
  6. Further research has concluded that many English people show high levels of Scandinavia & Europe West (due to Viking and Norman invasions).
  7. But Finland???
  8. Clearly more research is in order!!