Mention one of these, and I made suddenly appear at your side.
  1. Books
    Any and all of them. 📚📚
  2. Grilled Cheese
    My best creation with @mhawkeyem was loaded baked potato grilled cheese. 😋
  3. Alias
    If I were Sidney Bristow I would've died in about 8.2 seconds. 🕵
  4. Pizza
    Pizza is my love language. ❤️🍕
  5. When you complain about the heat where you live.
    I live in Tucson. Unless you live in Phoenix or Yuma, I will rolllll my eyes at you. 🙄
  6. Cold remedies
    My kids are CONSTANTLY sick. Recommend some hippie-dippie new remedy, and I'll be all over that. 😷
  7. England or France
    I'm a huge Anglophile and I was a French major. Mention one or the other, and I'll probably end up mentioning traveling there. ✈️ Which, I KNOW, is a dreadful habit. I'm working on it. 😜😘