I reviewed all 148 books I read in 2015. Here's the master list of all the other lists! I randomly chose one book from each list and included its cover with the link.
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  16. Btw, when I got to list 15 last night, I was like 😩😱.
  17. Because there were only 6 books left in Goodreads that I needed to take screenshots of.
  18. So I wrote down a list of all 148 titles.
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  19. And then went through each of the 14 lists and crossed titles off.
  20. Sure enough, I'd accidentally left out The Sea of Tranquility and The Foundling. So they made it on to list 15.
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  21. So sorry, the books are not in chronological order. But they're all there!
  22. And I thought I'd make this master list in case anyone wanted to 💾. 😀