Yes, this list clearly reveals that I am a nitpicker/possibly terrible mother.
  1. Ticking clocks. ⏱
  2. People who smack their lips while they're eating. 😵
  3. That blasted Leap Frog that sings the ABCs.
    🎼 L says llllll. L says lllllll. Touch the letter, hear the sound. L says lllllll.
  4. My daughter's cough.
    Which she's doing right now, in bed next to me, because we decided to divide and conquer, and Noel's sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to one sickie, while I'm sharing a bed with the other. I sense impending doom. 😷
  5. People who chomp gum loudly. 😖
  6. Coyotes howling.
    Which they're doing right now. Which is why I'm Listing. Instead of sleeping.