@mhawkeyem & I are having a very exclusive Oscars party. (Just us, and my husband.) :)
  1. First up: crostini
    L-R 1. caramelized onion & kerry gold butter on ciabatta. 2. Tuscan olive oil, fontina, & tomatoes on ciabatta. 3. French bread with Boursin, prosciutto, bell pepper, & asparagus. 4. French bread with goat cheese, strawberry jam, lemon curd, & sliced strawberries.
  2. Can't forget the ballot!
    Noel's beaten us EVERY year. One of us must win this time!!
  3. Oscars bingo
    Will someone trip on their way to the stage??
  4. Wine
    Meg's the Italian wine expert. She swears by montepulciano!
  5. Seconds on crostini
    I mean clearly, one platter was *not* enough for 3 people!