Juliet turned 3 yesterday and can't say "th". Eleanor is 6. And they both crack me up.
  1. JuJu, randomly yelling from the other room, "Mom, you're lovely. Dad is not."
  2. E to Ju, "You're almost not a toddler anymore. Your birthday is next week! Enjoy being a toddler while it lasts."
    It was her world-weary tone of voice that got me.
  3. Ju, "Nor Nor wants a cat. Dad wants a dog. I want a fish. Mom? You want a monster??"
  4. Eleanor, from the backseat, "90x10 is 900! I just figured that out in the flash of a firefly's booty!!"
  5. Ju, "Dat's Nor Nor singing in de backyard!" Me, "I like her singing. Do you?" Ju, "Yeah, I like her. Except she's kind of clumsy."
    Which is accurate. But I'm not sure how singing led to clumsiness.
  6. Ju, "Can I have a fird pancake? I'm free now! I need free pancakes!"
    And she ate all 3!