It's a Sunday... In December. I was nervous, but it really wasn't too bad crowd-wise. And the Christmas decorations are super extra magical!
  1. Peter Pan - all 4 of us
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  2. Dumbo - all 4 of us
  3. It's a small world - all 4 of us
  4. Star Tours - Daddy and big sis
  5. Astro Blasters - me and little sis
  6. The nemo submarine ride - me and big sis (while little sis stroller napped).
  7. Meeting Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle - all 4 of us
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  8. Thunder Mountain - dad and big ais
  9. Thunder mountain - rider switch! Time for me and big sis.
  10. Splash Mountain - big sis and dad
  11. Winnie the Pooh - little sis and me
  12. Splash Mountain - big sis and me (seriously - rider switch is the best!)
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  13. Haunted Mansion - all 4 of us
  14. Mickey's Magical Map - all 4 of us
  15. Various Toontown houses - Goofy, Donald, Minnie, etc - all of us
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  16. Roger Rabbit - all of us
  17. Then we strolled all the way from Toon Town to the front gates, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the Christmas lights. Basically a pretty much perfect 10 hours of fun!
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