Some of my favorite Trader Joe's items!

I've been trying to be better about buying less cheese and chocolate there... But let's face it, those will always be my favorites!
  1. Dark chocolate covered pretzels
    Spoiler: they DO melt in your hand.
  2. Cheddar-gruyère mélange
    The perfect cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  3. Sweet onion & bacon vinaigrette
    Guys, this dressing is AH-mazing! Seriously, I've been putting it on salads, sandwiches, potatoes...
  4. Cookie butter
    Mix equal parts cookie butter and plain yogurt. Use as dip for apple slices or cinnamon pita chips. Or, you know, just eat by the spoonful. 😉
  5. Pita bite crackers
    Perfect topped with a slice of pepperoni & an arugula leaf.
  6. Sweet potato frites
    I usually keep a pack of these and of hotdogs in the freezer for quick dinners. (À la this list: 10 FAMILY-FRIENDLY DINNERS THAT YOU CAN MAKE IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES)
  7. Almond "beverage"
    Their almond milk is cheap and good.
  8. Crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies
    I actually don't love these, bc of the coconut aftertaste. But my husband and kids luuuurrve them. And we're all big fans of the oatmeal raisin dippers and the cinnamon abc cookies.
  9. Spice grinders
    I love the everyday seasoning and the garlic salt
  10. Lemon curd
    Mmmm. I mean, when is lemon curd NOT good?
  11. Caramelized onion cheddar
    The perfect cheese for EVERYTHING. Eggs, sandwiches, or on top of those pita crackers. 😋 I can't get enough.
  12. Extra virgin olive oil
    Cheap and good.
  13. Frozen veggies
    Too many to picture, but I like them all! Especially leeks and Brussels sprouts (saves so much prep work!), and roasted corn.
  14. Dark chocolate orange sticks
    Fair warning: hide from your significant other, if you want to actually eat any of them.
  15. Dark chocolate covered peppermint joe-joes
    Possibly literally the BEST THING EVER. Seasonal, and they go fast! I buy a half dozen boxes every December and stash them for January-February enjoyment. They're stupid good.
  16. Toasted sesame oil
    Good on pretty much everything! I mostly use it in fried rice or lettuce wraps, but it's good on a sandwich too.
  17. Peanut butter & oat bars
    My favorite granola bars.
  18. European style plain yogurt
    I feel like it's slightly misnamed, because it's thin and runny, and all the yogurt I ever ate in Europe was thick. But, it's super yummy, and the perfect consistency for smoothies.
  19. Yogurt packs
    My kids are obsessed with these six packs of sweet, fruity yogurts. The peach-mango combo has been especially popular.
  20. Sweet potato tortilla chips
    Also stupid good. I almost never buy them though, bc I'll eat the whole bag. 😝
  21. Chocolate.
    I mean, really, I've never met a TJ's chocolate I *didn't* like.
  22. Prepped salads
    They have really great prepped salads, which are perfect for quick lunches.
  23. Tarte d'Alsace
    So yummy! This plus a salad makes a great light dinner.
  24. Two buck chuck
    I actually don't drink, but everyone I know likes TJ's wine, and I often grab a bottle and a chocolate bar as a quick hostess gift.